Rapid Deployment Solutions

Rapid Deployment Monopole (RDM)

Supply & Installation of the RDM includes the following:

  • Precast RCC foundation
  • Climbing safety system
  • Aviation warning light
  • Optional equipment as requested / supplied by client


  • Supply & Installation of Cable tray 200mm – 400mm (if required)
  • Mains power to GF site per site (if required) Lightning protection, GF site
  • Earthing protection, GF site
  • Supply & Installation of Earth electrode, GF site (2 per site)
  • Supply & Installation of GF cable tray support pole (if required)
  • Earth Certificate
  • Radio measurement report (if required)
  • As built File
  • Site size for a 30m Monopole is 6m * 6m
  • Site Implementation time can be as low as 48hrs

Access Road

Construction, spread and compact approved local catch fill material compacted to 90% maximum dry density 30cm (min) thick above existing level to make 4m wide access road and slope at both sides of the access road is to be 1:1 extended outward.

Provide and lay 100mm gravel over 300mm thick compacted road base layer (98% MDD).

Supply & Installation of fully equipped Shelter with dimension 3.20 x 2.00x 2.90 (L x W x H) including the foundation according to client specification.

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