Alternative Energy Solution

Hybrid Solution

PV cells use no fuel during operation (other than sunlight of course). Our wind turbines maximize system efficiency with consistency of solar. Either
of these do not emit atmospheric or water pollutants. They require no water for the cooling process. Our whole system does not contribute to global warming or acid rain, making our planet a better place to work in.

The blades of the wind turbine capture the wind energy which turns the generator that converts the blade rotation to the energy into electricity. The Solar Panels uses the sunlight which is a perfect renewable source as it is unlimited, profitable, and environmentally friendly.
The Solar/ Wind Hybrid has many advantages such as:

Able to provide the best of both renewable energy sources.
In most cases it eliminates the need for fossil fuel driven energy sources resulting in next to zero OPEX costs.
Highly effective on low cost sites as well as no access type sites.
Theft of reusable items i.e. generators, fuel is eliminated.
Lesser impact on the environment.

Power source for off-grid BTS sites in remote areas.

Large reduction in OPEX .
Realistic payback on CAPEX .
Simple generic design.
Low maintenance requirement.
System reliability.
Environmentally friendly.
Seen to be “Green”.
Easily retrofitted for future expansions requirements.

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