Chairmans Brief

Our primary focus is customer satisfaction. Our goal is to offer efficient, long-term solutions to the challenges faced by our clients. We achieve our goals by combining 40 plus years of industry experience and the “can do” attitude of our team. Innovation and a willingness to develop customized solutions to the challenges we meet set the LeBLANC team firmly at the forefront of the industry.

At LeBLANC we pride ourselves on our ability to complete projects, no matter how big or small, using our own in house personnel, resources and technology. Our clients stand to benefit from dealing with a ” single point of contact ” and the coordinated efforts of our dedicated team.

Our companies operate recognized quality assurance systems such as ISO-9001 where appropriate. We are constantly striving to improve our performance particularly in the areas of product development safety and customer service.

The LeBLANC Group is truly a global organization. Our groups of companies are strategically located in nine countries and complement each other by sharing experiences, technology and resources. This allows LeBLANC to provide an international network delivering quality products and services while maintaining competitive pricing. The double-digit growth achieved by the LeBLANC Group over the last four decades is testimony to the effectiveness of our policies and the support we are privileged to enjoy from our broad customer base.

George E. Patton